Summer Plans

You guys! I'm still here! I met a local mom recently and she said she was concerned because she joined my mailing list but had not received anything---ooops!!

My summer public teaching schedule is updated. It is sparse, but the most popular ones from past summers are on so check out the events page. To kick off the summer, join me at Children's Mercy Park for Yoga on the Pitch on May 31st!

Why the creepy picture? Well, because I wanted to share

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Thanksgiving Mindful Moments on Fox4

Holiday season is upon us and let's face it....that typically brings a whole lot of stress and anxiety.  Stressed caregivers produce stressed children.  This message is not intended to produce guilt or point fingers.  I hope that it causes you to pause and relieve the stress so that you can actually enjoy the holidays.  Acknowledging the stress is healthy....the next step is addressing it. 

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Mindful Moments at The Pembroke Hill School

Last Spring, I was having a bit of a professional dilemma.  I wanted to reach more children but didn't necessarily want to add to their after-school and weekend schedules on a regular basis.  As much as I loved teaching my students I was yearning to teach children to practice in a better way.  That, to me, meant a little bit every single day rather than an occasional yoga session.  I contacted three schools (I have strong connections at all of them and love them all) and pitched ideas to them that had been stirring in my head.  The school that bit first happens to be

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Yoga for Student Athletes

This month's Fox 4 segment topic was "Yoga for Student Athletes" so I borrowed a Sporting KC Academy player to go on air with me.  Leading up to that morning, I spent a lot of time trying to narrow down which poses were the MOST important for young athletes.  I know how quickly 3-4 minutes of live TV can go so I was set on choosing three poses.  The night before the segment, I discussed my selections with my husband and he agreed with the importance of them.  Then I told him I really felt like it would be most important to include a breathing exercise even though poses are easier to demo on air.  I fully expected him to tell me to stop worrying and stick with my plan...because A. I worry a lot and B. he was busy cutting video for his players.  WRONG! 

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