Welcome and namaste. We’re truly glad you’re here. It is quite exciting to be writing this, the “welcome” post for JoBea. Our hope/purpose/goal/mantra is to help cultivate more love-filled mini yogis and yoginis and encourage them to shine their bright lights on the world.

We exist as a resource for those who share our goals of cultivating play, celebrating life and molding peaceful citizens of the world. As mothers (and yoginis, former school teachers/administrators and a children’s yoga instructor) we found the need to bring more play into the busy lives of families. Our passion is to help caregivers “play yoga” by sharing modern, accessible and practical DIY children’s yoga tips.

In this wonderful, crazy life, the distractions are endless and the days can whiz by in a blur of commitments and activities. What we propose is some breathing room (pun intended) and a focus on letting children be children. You likely know the benefits of introducing children to yoga (more on that here, here and here). To put it in a nutshell, yoga rocks. Practicing yoga can teach kiddos to regulate their emotions and find focus, as well as helping them learn to calm and center themselves. Yoga can help bring out that special spark that lives inside children, and encourage them to shine on through whatever life brings.

Pose of the Week

Each week we will focus on a different pose, or asana , for your little yogis to practice. This is the more well-known aspect of yoga for many, but there is so much more to a yogic life - 7 other limbs of yoga to be precise! (Look for a post about the 8 Limbs of Yoga later this week.) We will dig into other facets of yoga as well, but the Pose of the Week is a great starting point to consistently bring a little yoga to the kiddos in your world. These posts will include photos of the asanas to guide you, as well as tips for getting into the pose, variations and an explanation of the pose benefits.

We’ll dive right in with our first pose of the week tomorrow. We have lots of goodness to share with you, so be sure and sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about JoBea, check out our story here. Namaste!