Sick Day Sanity

Does anyone else feel like they're living in a petri dish? Colds, pink eye, sinus fun, and, of course, allergy season in Kansas City! Add the fact that there are about 6 weeks left until summer, and you're basically guaranteed an unplanned day at home soon. (Isn't that how it goes?) So what do you do when your child is home sick, but not sick in bed? We know it's not easy, but whenever possible it's best for the caregiver to do some letting go - of all of the things planned for the day, all of the to-do's you hoped to cross off. Letting yourself off the hook to focus on your child makes it more enjoyable for everyone. (*We know you want to punch the screen right now, but we're trying to be as yogic as possible. Just try it, and remember - this, too, shall pass.)

When faced with this very situation last week, we used some of the following to get through a couple of LOOOONG days:

  • bubbles
  • sidewalk chalk
  • sharpening pencils & crayons
  • running "walkable" errands (grocery store, dry cleaner, etc)
  • making soup or frozen smoothie pops
  • cleaning (a spray bottle and cloth and she was cleaning baseboards in no time!)

We want to leave you with our 3 favorite yoga poses for sick days:

Good luck, and stay tuned - summer sanity yoga tips will be here before we know it!