Toega! Toega! Toega!

How much do we love the game of Toega? Let us count the ways.

  1. It is a great way to stretch and relieve little toes that get scrunched up in shoes.
  2. Toega is workout for the brain, too - a mini-meditation. The game gives kiddos a solid stretch of intense focus and concentration (roughly 10 minutes).
  3. Kids of various ages can enjoy the game. (Note that tiny toes have a tougher time grasping the poms, and poms are a choking hazard, so this activity is best for ages 3 and up!)
  4. It is simple, fun, and easy to set up (AND clean up!).
  5. Kids enjoy the game at the same time they are resetting and calming their minds and bodies.

All you need for Toega are colored poms and a bucket or container. Kids simply dump the poms on the ground and pick them up only using their toes to take them back to drop in the bucket or on their yoga mat. Easy as that! Here are a few variations to make things more interesting:

  • Have each child choose a color or colors to pick up. (Ex. child 1 picks up only orange and blue, child 2 gets red and yellow.) This ups the concentration factor a bit!
  • Use a muffin pan or some other interesting container to drop the poms in.
  • Alternate feet each time so both feet get to play.
  • Get poms in multiple sizes to really work those toe muscles.

This is a great game for long summer days and any time you need to bring in calm or focus for your crew. Have fun! (Big thanks to Karma Kids Yoga for teaching us this fantastic yoga game!)