Books we like - good night yoga

People ask me all the time if I practice yoga at home with my daughter.  The answer is yes, but that doesn't mean we roll out the mats and go through an entire kids' yoga class together daily...or even weekly.  Many days I count the deep breaths I/we had to take during toddler/mom power struggles as our yoga practice for the day.  When I teach classes to students I rely so heavily on the students' energy and creativity to facilitate a REALLY awesome class.  That is why I love to have really fantastic yoga books and games on hand for when my daughter says she wants to "play yoga" at home and I don't have the energy to think.  "Good Night Yoga" is a go-to at our house at nap time and bed time.  We've read it so many times that she now reads it to me and teaches me the good night yoga flow. 


However, she and daddy do not hesitate to let me guide them through the cloud journey visualization at the end (and I would totally ruin their savasana by taking a pic).  This is an excellent book to add to your home library if you want to easily add yoga to your child's routine.