Pose of the Week - Crow

Sanskrit:  Bakasana

English: Crow

Benefits:  Builds focus and confidence, Strengthens arms and core

Variations: Attempt to jump (softly) to plank pose from crow pose.  If you can straighten your arms, teenagers, you are doing the more advanced version called crane. 

How to: FOR AGES 5 AND UP!  Grab some imaginary "yoga glue" and cover your hands, inside of thighs and triceps with the glue.  Get down in a frog pose with your arms inside your squatted legs.  Bend your arms and glue your thighs to your triceps (outside of triceps will likely be easier) and arch your back like a cat as you engage your belly muscles.  Gaze forward as you slowly bring one foot off the ground and then the other.  FLY!