Meddy Teddy (Product Review)

At some point last year we began following Meddy Teddy on Instagram. We marveled at how this bear was always in the top #kidsyoga posts and became highly intrigued with the company and the photogenic stuffed bear.

The bear was ordered as a gift for my daughter in early September 2016.  We were already having dialogue with the owner Mike about an event possibility and received a quick casual message from him that the bear would be more of a "holiday thing" because they were having some manufacturing delays. I was disappointed but understanding..and was happy to know Meddy Teddy could be counted on as a Christmas gift for my daughter. A few months passed...still no Meddy.  The company began sending correspondence apologizing for delays. I heard from an out of town friend that the bear really did exist because she owned one, but that I might be disappointed because it could not stand up on its own. Huh?!  Seriously?!  We re-routed the shipping to where we would be on Christmas Day as I was not confident it would make it to my home before we left town. Then another apology came through and my mother (who purchased the bear for her granddaughter) decided to cancel the transaction with the plan to reorder if and when the shipping and manufacturing issues were sorted out.  The company was very understanding and polite and quickly issued a refund. early January, Meddy Teddy still arrived!  I was still a little upset about him not coming four months ago so I was not instantly warm and fuzzy about the guy. Didn't matter. The recipient was in love at first sight!  Meddy Teddy has made it into my daughter's bed as one of the "lucky few" that get to sleep there at night.  Meddy has been declared a girl in our house. She has a JoBea star print custom made tank top. She gets yummy oils on her wrist before going to sleep. Close your eyes, stuffed animal giving family members: this bear is getting more love than any other stuffed animal ever has in our house!  Although this bear's owner, Jo, practiced yoga quite a bit before Meddy's arrival the asana practice has increased greatly. Jo doesn't care that Meddy can't stand up on her own. She lovingly stands her up against pillows, shoes and other props so that Meddy can get into Airplane, Tree, Warrior 2, etc. There is not a pose Meddy cannot do.  Did I mention the bear also comes with pose stickers? 

Meddy patiently waiting on her owner's return from school in malasana.  

Meddy patiently waiting on her owner's return from school in malasana.  

We are so happy the glitch in the system sent Meddy Teddy to our home (don't worry, we resubmitted payment for the bear...karma)!  Jo has a new best yoga friend that is encouraging all of us to "stop, drop and yoga" more often.  Meddy's cute little face somehow calms me every time I see it.  His face reminds me to chill the $#%^ out and I hear him whispering Buddha's words "the greatest prayer is patience."  In a nutshell, we absolutely LOVE Meddy Teddy.  Now I have to figure out if Jo will share her or if I have to purchase my own to take with me to teach.  One thing is certain, Meddy Teddy is worth the wait!  We wish every little yogi and yogini could have a Meddy in their home. 

Namaste~Mimi Z.

P.S. Teacher Training this past Sunday was postponed due to weather and is rescheduled for March 5.