New Year Yoga Resolutions

Happy new year!  If you live in KC, maybe you caught me on the Fox 4 morning show last week while checking the weather and school closings.  My 6 year old friend, Chloe, and I discussed simple ways to incorporate a daily yoga practice at home.  If you ever make it to a yoga class, chances are that teachers will talk about "taking your practice off the mat" and "developing a home practice"...since our children are taking yoga classes at a younger age now (yay!) we want to encourage at-home practice FOR ALL AGES. 

Chloe and I demonstrated the following on air:

In the morning, stretch out your spine by alternating Cat/Cow pose.  If you forget to drop to all fours and do it in the ground you can do it while seated at the breakfast table/bar by using the table/bar as your floor as you stretch and meow/moo! 

Keep essential oils (I love a lemon and lavender blend in the morning!) and/or scratch and sniff stickers (Chloe and I used chocolate on air) next to the kitchen sink for some morning deep inhalations.  Great way to start the day!

In the evening, get on your back and put your legs up the wall (bed, sofa, etc).  Chloe used my legs on air as her "wall."  We've talked about the benefits of inversions before here.  Better sleep is priceless.  Just think of the impact these habits will have on little yogis all over the world! 


Chloe before her tv debut! 

Chloe before her tv debut!