Thanksgiving Mindful Moments on Fox4

Holiday season is upon us and let's face it....that typically brings a whole lot of stress and anxiety.  Stressed caregivers produce stressed children.  This message is not intended to produce guilt or point fingers.  I hope that it causes you to pause and relieve the stress so that you can actually enjoy the holidays.  Acknowledging the stress is healthy....the next step is addressing it.  I was reminded of this after my trip to Costco on Monday morning.  Whether it's the travel, pressure to host the perfect meal, financial strain, difficult family member or isolation causing the stress we came up with a few little breaks to take with your children this Thanksgiving (or any day of the year!).    I'm especially thankful for my model Betsy and her two lovable little yogis. 


TREE POSE!  This is a great pose to break out during chaos or anytime you need to bring focus back to the group.  Break it out at the airport gate, at grandma's house, during a road trip pit can be done anywhere!  Hold hands and make a circle to promote teamwork or bring on a healthy challenge by seeing who can hold it longest. 


At this point during the segment, Nick Vasos said he wanted to get in rock pose during the day.  He also mentioned that it would be great if all the children in the metro could have Mindful Moments throughout their school day--we like him!!;)  Back to the pose...another one that can be done anywhere at anytime as long as you can get over potentially sticking your face on a dirty floor.  Notice how Betsy and her boys are covering their ears and/or eyes?  Turning off a couple of senses is a great way to REALLY press pause. 


Our final moment we demonstrated is so simple.  These darling little models shared a gratitude line in which they each took a turn ringing the tibetan cymbal and telling us one thing that they were grateful for that morning.  Why the cymbal?  Adding a bell or cymbal turns it into more of a ritual and children recognize the importance in taking turns much better with that extra symbol.  Again, this can happen every single day to practice gratitude but it would also be a wonderful addition to your Thanksgiving meal.  Speaking of is a great article I read last night about parenting and gratitude.  Simply telling my child to say "thank you" always feels as empty as forcing her to say "I'm sorry"....this article helped me understand why and how I can change my approach to genuinely teach gratitude. 

I'll be back on the Fox 4 Morning Show December 6th to share holiday gift ideas that promote mindfulness at home.  Until then I encourage you to connect with your family and friends IRL (even the difficult ones) and take time out for self-care.  Your well-being is important to your children. 

Happy Thanksgiving!