Tech Neck Relief

Warning: you can return from vacation with a stiff neck! 

Warning: you can return from vacation with a stiff neck! 


I could not get this pic that a friend posted of her teenager and their friends ON VACATION out of my head.  I'm sure it evokes a lot of thoughts for you guys, but my mind immediately goes to those poor little necks!!  Not going to debate screen time in this post.  Just not going there because it is a reality whether I like it or not that children as young as ten years old are frequently on their devices.  So....this Thursday on the Fox 4 morning show I am going to help my tween and teen (and adult) friends with some daily yoga poses you can incorporate to relieve the symptoms from "tech neck."  We will be airing at 9:15am tomorrow and will be posting snippets on our social media. 

I know how I feel when I've been on my iPhone too much and it affects everybody around me.  But here's the thing...I was one of the first ones of my friends to have a cell phone IN COLLEGE.  I didn't even text until my friend, Andi, taught me how to on my flip phone in my mid-20s (ironically to return a text to my now husband).  What's my point?  I was fully grown before I started jacking my neck and back up with poor posture brought on by all the device use.  Think of these little growing bodies screwing up their posture.  Adding regular yoga classes would be great, but have you spoken to any teens or tweens lately about their schedules?  It's tough to find the time so I'm hoping we can encourage some daily movements and meditations to counteract all the tech usage.  The tween and teen classes that I am teaching in April will be all about cultivating a home practice.  5-10 minutes a day could be life-changing!  It could even encourage these beautiful beings to put their phones down more often and hang out IRL

Go to the EVENTS page for registration info for upcoming classes and a teacher training.  Below you will find the descriptions for the NEW offerings at Woodside this Spring for members and guests.  We've been talking about adding these classes for many of my first little students are big students now that the timing finally felt right to add these into the rotation.  (As a former middle school and high school Spanish teacher, I was getting the itch to teach the tweens and teens again anyway.)

PJ Yoga for Big Kids
Ages 7-10
Due to popular demand, we are offering a PJ Yoga for Big Kids in March.  This class will be a kicked up version of PJ Yoga to challenge the 7-10 year-olds with more yoga games, inversions and partner poses.  Class will conclude with a longer age-appropriate meditation and savasana.  This yoga experience is a fantastic way to end the week and will set the tone for a peaceful night of rest.

Yoga for Tweens
Ages 10-13
Calling all tweens!  Join Mimi Z. of JoBea Kids for this dynamic yoga experience designed specifically for tweens.  This 60-minute class will give your tweens the tools they need to stay calm and focus in their high-paced and tech-heavy world.  We will focus on poses to alleviate "tech neck" and breathing exercises to reduce stress. 

Yoga for Teens
Ages 14-18
The perfect yoga class for teens.  This class has the practicing teen that is sick of going to adult classes in mind as well as the novice.  We will focus on poses, breathing exercises and meditations that will be life-altering going into end of the school year test-taking.