Comfort Zones

During my 200 hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) Training, I remember the looks I received when the words "I never want to teach adults" came out of my mouth.  My peers and teachers let me know with their eyes that I was not being very open-minded.  But somehow it was okay for these same teachers to have zero interest in teaching yoga to children.  Double standard?  Regardless, I had no desire to teach adults and was sticking to it...I was dedicated (and still am...duh) to sharing yoga with as many children as possible.  I've worked in schools for over a dozen years as a teacher, coach and administrator.  The path that led to JoBea has had twists and turns, but the consistency has been my passion for leading children.  It's my comfort zone...and brings me inner contentment

This year marks my 7th year of teaching yoga to children.  It is also the year I finally said yes to leading a workshop for adults.  The sweet owner of Boulevard Yoga asked me if I would be interested in leading a workshop after her daughter attended one of my yoga classes.  I had been asked to do this before and gave my standard line that "I don't teach adults"...but something about her nonchalant request made me say "Let me think about it"...and then I reached back out to her and scheduled a Kids' Yoga 101 workshop for several months later.  I would like to say that gave me plenty of time to prepare, but it really just gave me plenty of time to psych myself out.  I was actually relieved when it was initially postponed because of bad weather reports!  But then the makeup date came and I showed up nervous.  When I began the session I admitted that I was used to making sure "everybody used the potty" before starting class and the ice was broken.  I realized that the hundreds of yoga sessions I've led would come through for these beautiful souls interested in learning more about kids' yoga and to just be myself.    I left the workshop energized and inspired by all of my students...teaching these taller people was not as scary as I imagined.  The most exciting takeaway for me was that the majority of these precious beings plan to teach yoga at home to their own children and in schools....MUSIC TO MY EARS!!  Listening to them also helped me self-analyze my own personal and professional goals. 

My delightful students pretending to be 7-9 year olds in sweet savasana. 

My delightful students pretending to be 7-9 year olds in sweet savasana. 


What is your comfort zone?  Answer that question honestly and then break out of it for a bit!  You won't regret it.  Don't forget about all the other "yoga stuff"...the poses are just good photo opps;) 

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Namaste~Mimi Z.