Yoga for Student Athletes

This month's Fox 4 segment topic was "Yoga for Student Athletes" so I borrowed a Sporting KC Academy player to go on air with me.  Leading up to that morning, I spent a lot of time trying to narrow down which poses were the MOST important for young athletes.  I know how quickly 3-4 minutes of live TV can go so I was set on choosing three poses.  The night before the segment, I discussed my selections with my husband and he agreed with the importance of them.  Then I told him I really felt like it would be most important to include a breathing exercise even though poses are easier to demo on air.  I fully expected him to tell me to stop worrying and stick with my plan...because A. I worry a lot and B. he was busy cutting video for his players.  WRONG!  He looked up from his laptop and said "I think you should lose a pose and add a breathing exercise because that would be more important than any pose for young athletes."  Oh my ears...he really gets yoga...proud wife moment!!  You can watch the segment here.

Roman doing his diaphragm breathing with an exercise band around his rib cage to ensure he is breathing correctly.  We talked about how this is a good thing to do before starting each day, but especially doing it before big games or exams for student athletes to calm nerves and focus. 

This was our #1 pre-game/pre-practice pose selection and Roman confirmed that he and his teammates use this pose regularly. 

Our post-game/post-practice pose is one of my all time faves.  As you can see below, we are recommending the restorative version...but Roman told me his soccer coach has them do an activation pose that slightly resembles pigeon before practice/games.  Oops...forgot to get a pic of that!

I'll be back on the Fox 4 Morning Show on May 18th with more yoga tips for children.