Summer Plans

You guys!  I'm still here!  I met a local mom recently and she said she was concerned because she joined my mailing list but had not received anything---ooops!! 

My summer public teaching schedule is updated.  It is sparse, but the most popular ones from past summers are on so check out the events page.  To kick off the summer, join me at Children's Mercy Park for Yoga on the Pitch on May 31st! 

Why the creepy picture?  Well, because I wanted to share this article with all of the parents I know to keep us thinking about how we use technology.  Stuff like this is what stops me from posting blog posts because I feel like a complete hypocrite preaching mindfulness and then asking people to get online.  The article sharing is not meant to's meant to make you think.  Perhaps it will cause us to modify how we use technology this summer...or maybe not.  I'm not here to judge! 

Speaking of mindfulness.....will be sharing what's on tap for me next very, very soon!  It involves Mindful Schools and I'm so unbelievably stoked!!

Donald lain Smith/Blend Images/Getty Images

Donald lain Smith/Blend Images/Getty Images