Thanksgiving Mindful Moments on Fox4

Holiday season is upon us and let's face it....that typically brings a whole lot of stress and anxiety.  Stressed caregivers produce stressed children.  This message is not intended to produce guilt or point fingers.  I hope that it causes you to pause and relieve the stress so that you can actually enjoy the holidays.  Acknowledging the stress is healthy....the next step is addressing it. 

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Comfort Zones

During my 200 hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) Training, I remember the looks I received when the words "I never want to teach adults" came out of my mouth.  My peers and teachers let me know with their eyes that I was not being very open-minded.  But somehow it was okay for these same teachers to have zero interest in teaching yoga to children.  Double standard?  Regardless, I had no desire to teach adults and was sticking to it...I was dedicated (and still am...duh) to sharing yoga with as many children as possible. 

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Tech Neck Relief

I could not get this pic that a friend posted of her teenager and their friends ON VACATION out of my head.  I'm sure it evokes a lot of thoughts for you guys, but my mind immediately goes to those poor little necks!!  Not going to debate screen time in this post.  Just not going there because it is a reality whether I like it or not that children as young as ten years old are frequently on their devices.  So....

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Yoga Fix - Love Letter

Another activity for all ages!  Kudos to all of the self-aware journal writers out there...we applaud you for staying in tune with yourself.  Negative self-talk inhibits our growth and overall joy.  We love mantras and we think a good way to discover healthy and empowering mantras is to first focus on our strengths and all of the things we love about ourselves so we can focus more on the loveliness inside of all of us rather than comparing ourselves to others and focusing on our faults.  It's never too early (or late) to promote positive thinking. Get out a piece of paper and writing utensil for this "vlog"!

IRL - In Real Life

Us JoBea moms recently had the extreme pleasure of attending a workshop with Max Strom, world-renowned yoga teacher, speaker and author. It is a struggle to describe the feeling of being in a room with Max. There’s definitely some magic, wisdom and good juju floating in the air. We left the class refreshed, renewed, and emotional. In addition to many other topics (that will likely inspire many other blog posts), Strom spoke about the way we communicate today. We’ve all seen the headlines about the dangers of time spent online. We’ve all noticed families around restaurant tables, each staring into their own device. We’ve all, too, probably lost untold hours to scrolling. So this isn’t news - we know we need a change. But Strom dug deeper and spoke softly and powerfully about the fact that all of this virtual communication is directly at odds with how humans effectively communicate.

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