Mindful Moments at The Pembroke Hill School

Last Spring, I was having a bit of a professional dilemma.  I wanted to reach more children but didn't necessarily want to add to their after-school and weekend schedules on a regular basis.  As much as I loved teaching my students I was yearning to teach children to practice in a better way.  That, to me, meant a little bit every single day rather than an occasional yoga session.  I contacted three schools (I have strong connections at all of them and love them all) and pitched ideas to them that had been stirring in my head.  The school that bit first happens to be

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Meddy Teddy (Product Review)

At some point last year we began following Meddy Teddy on Instagram. We marveled at how this bear was always in the top #kidsyoga posts and became highly intrigued with the company and the photogenic stuffed bear.

The bear was ordered as a gift for my daughter in early September 2016.  We were already having dialogue with the owner Mike about an event possibility and received a quick casual message from him that the bear would be more of a "holiday thing" because they were having some manufacturing delays. I was disappointed but understanding..and was happy to know Meddy Teddy could be counted on as a Christmas gift for my daughter. A few months passed...still no Meddy Teddy.

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Yoga Fix - Love Letter

Another activity for all ages!  Kudos to all of the self-aware journal writers out there...we applaud you for staying in tune with yourself.  Negative self-talk inhibits our growth and overall joy.  We love mantras and we think a good way to discover healthy and empowering mantras is to first focus on our strengths and all of the things we love about ourselves so we can focus more on the loveliness inside of all of us rather than comparing ourselves to others and focusing on our faults.  It's never too early (or late) to promote positive thinking. Get out a piece of paper and writing utensil for this "vlog"!

Yoga Fix - Mindful Balancing Walk

Hello, yogis! This week's yoga fix is a great way to work on balance, focus and being present while you're out and about. Take a mindful walk on a lined sidewalk or street and act like you're on a tightrope, focusing on your steps. Add a few airplanes to mix things up and increase the balance benefits.  Other benefits include increased concentration and being able to slow down and be present in your life.  Yogis of ALL AGES can benefit from this meditation!

Books we like - good night yoga

People ask me all the time if I practice yoga at home with my daughter.  The answer is yes, but that doesn't mean we roll out the mats and go through an entire kids' yoga class together daily...or even weekly.  Many days I count the deep breaths I/we had to take during toddler/mom power struggles as our yoga practice for the day.  When I teach classes to students I rely so heavily on the students' energy and creativity to facilitate a REALLY awesome class. 

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