Welcome to JoBea Kids! JoBea celebrates the inherent joy and light that exists in children and honors the importance of maintaining that throughout life. Kids are often as over-scheduled and frazzled as their parents, and it's crucial to give them time to play, to breathe, to chill. We created this site as a resource to help parents and caregivers to find ways to create a fun, laid-back yoga practice and prioritize play.  The Blog is where you'll find our Pose of the Week, as well as articles and support to help you create a DIY yoga practice with the children in your world. Check out the About page to learn how JoBea Kids came to be, and check back with the Store, where we'll soon proudly offer JoBea Kids yoga pants as well as props and tools to support the practice of children's yoga. 

Take a look around and have fun with it! We're here to play and to encourage you to do the same.